AccessKenya To Link More Kenyans With $3.3m Fibre Expansion

VENTURES AFRICA- Acre Africa, a micro-insurance firm operating in East Africa, has begun operation in Kenya to provide insurance cover to smallholder farmers against damage and climate-associated risk. With operations in Rwanda and Tanzania, the firm is hoping to partner with key players in the industry to invest across agricultural value chain in order to unlock agricultural potential in Kenya. According to Acre Africa Chairman, Mr. Marco Ferroni, “The agricultural sector is Kenya’s main economic mainstay and a provision of insurance covers to farmers against the vagaries of weather and other risks will boost agricultural output.” Apart from providing insurance covers that will support Kenya’s agricultural sector, the firm said it is working on inspiring a new generation of farmers across Africa, and in Kenya, it is targeting small scale farmers. “The agriculture insurance market in Kenya focuses mainly on large scale farmers, therefore Acre Africa seeks to address this problem by developing insurance products for the small holder farmers that are affordable and accessible,” the CEO of Acre Africa, Dr. CJ Jones explained. Incorporated in June 2014 as an insurance surveyor, Acre Africa designs high quality micro-insurance products based on scientific principles and data that address climate associated risks faced by small holder farmers. Its launch in Kenya came at a time when partners in the Global Agriculture and Food Security Program (GAFSP) gave Kenya a $24 million grant to support country-led initiatives that will help increase agriculture productivity, reduce poverty, and improve food and nutrition security.

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