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Stats of the 2015 Afcon qualifying

After three months of competition, the 2015 Africa Cup of Nations qualification campaign ended last week with 15 teams emerging out of the lot of 28 to join host Equatorial Guinea for the 30th edition of the continent’s biggest football event.

Below are some statistics from the campaign ahead of the finals set for January 17 through February 8, 2015.

Best attack: Ivory Coast (13 goals)

Best defence: Cameroon and Senegal (1 goal conceded)

Worst attack: Botswana (1 goal scored)

Worst defence: Sierra Leone (14 goals conceded)

Undefeated teams: South Africa, Cameroon, Gabon and Tunisia

Highest points: Algeria (15 points)

Lowest points: Botswana and Sierra Leone (1 point each)

Best teams at home: Algeria, Cameroon, Cape Verde, Gabon and Tunisia (3 wins in 3 matches)

Worst teams at home: Botswana, Ethiopia and Sierra Leone (1 point earned from 3 matches)

Best team in away fixtures: South Africa and Congo (2 wins and 1 draw in 3 matches)

Worst teams in away fixtures: Botswana, Lesotho, Sierra Leone, Sudan (3 loses in 3 matches)

Most prolific match: Ivory Coast – DR Congo (3-4) in the fourth match day

Highest number of red cards: Lesotho and Mali (2 red cards each)

Number of matches: 84

Number of goals: 193

Top Scorer: Jonathan Pitroipa (Burkina Faso), six goals.

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