Reggies Rockstone Reacts

Hiplife grandpapa Reggie Rockstone has denied media reports that he influenced the exit of Promzy from the former VIP group.

A section of the media last week reported that Promzy had accused Reggie Rockstone of masterminding his exit from the group, but Reggie insisted that Promzy left the group long before he became a member.

According to BEATWAVES investigations, long before Promzy exited from the group, he had on many occasions told the other members of the group about his decision to leave the group and embark on a solo career.

Although the other members of the group were not in support Promzy’s plans of quitting the group and had restrained him on many occasions, he went ahead with his decision, paving the way for Reggie Rockstone to join the group.

Reggie Rockstone in an interview with ‘Starr Entertainment’ disclosed that he never thought Promzy could ever say anything malicious like that about him.

He is credited as the pioneer of hiplife or ‘kasahari’ music in Ghana, and like some masters of the art of hip hop, he has proclaimed his retirement and out of retirement several times.

In 2004, Rockstone won the Kora Award for the Best African Video and has performed in front of over 50,000 persons in Ghana together with Shaggy.

In 2006, he recorded a track with the Jamaican dancehall singer, Beenie Man, called ‘Chukku Chakka’ (in reference to Rockstone’s 1999 hit, ‘Eye Mo De Anaa’, which sampled Fela Kuti).

Reggie Rockstone is the son of legendary fashion designer, Ricky ‘Ricci’ Osei (Saint Osei).

Some of the albums Rockstone recorded  for the Kassa Records label include ‘Makaa Maka’ (I Said It Because I Said It), 1997, ‘Me Na Me Kae’ (I Was The One Who Said It), 1999, ‘Me Ka’ (I Will Say), 2000, ‘Last Show’, 2004.

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