Yvonne Okoro
Yvonne Okoro Turns 30

Popular actress Yvonne Okoro yesterday, November 25, celebrated her 30th birthday and was thankful to God for granting her the opportunity to enter a new year.

It is unclear how she celebrated the day but the beautiful actress received a lot of congratulatory messages and wishes from her friends, family and her large fan base. “Happy birthday to this beautiful woman.

She may not want me to tell the world this but I’m still going to because people need to know just how amazing she is. On the morning of my premiere, I received a check from her to pay for an invitation I had already delivered to her. It was just the amount the tickets were going for and I thought it weird so I called her and asked. She simply told me it was her contribution to the movie and she wanted to at least pay for her own ticket.

Honestly, it took me by surprise because no one had done anything even close to this for me. I will forever cherish that gesture and show of support from a fellow actress and filmmaker, disputing the myth that we don’t support each other. Happy birthday beautiful. Stay winning,” fellow actress Lydia Forson revealed in her birthday message to Okoro.

“There’s no better day to receive your award than on your birthday…World Best Sister Award goes to Yvonne Okoro. Happy birthday to my sister and best friend. You are still annoying and bossy sometimes, can’t leave that out,” sister Roseline Okoro also said about her elder sister.

Yvonne herself, early Tuesday morning, posted a photo of herself and said: “30 years and still counting…Thank you God for everything; for my family, my friends and even those who act like my friends …am grateful…HBD to me Yvonne Chinyere Okereke Okoro.”

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